Software to make studying and preparing for lessons easier

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Share the Scriptures

Stoutsuidae software is designed with sharing in mind. From QR codes to contextual links, We've got you covered!


More time for Studying

Waste less time trying to get your notes in order and more time studying. Now get out there and learn the gospel!


Constantly getting better

We are constantly adding new and exciting features. Don't see something you want? Let us know.

LDS Study Mate

A Google Docs add-on that generates easy to read scripture links
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LDS Study Mate lets you generate easy to read links to the scriptures at You can type out the scripture reference or paste a link from Scripture Links. After a minute both the hand typed scripture references and pasted links will be converted into easy to read, working links that will quickly take you to not only the right page but also the right locaiton on the page, with the correct verses highlighted as well.

Scripture Links

A Chrome Extension that generates helpful links to the scriptures on

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